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  1. When will our people rise up and retaliate to at least even out the score. Evil congie-commies are the main obstacles in our path. Their perverted belief and definition and practice of secularism has made the innocent Hindus unaware of our history and dharma. We need to remove this obstacle before we can even think about getting even to avenge the injustices done to our race by these third rate barbarians.

  2. Even though Secularism is not good for Hindu but the fact is India is only secular by the majority of Hindu. Who else wants secularism?

  3. Secularism is the essence of Hinduism because it teaches the way of life.Its based on humanity purely.But all other religions believe in conversion-forcibly of by alluring.Its only because they believe in numbers and not humanity.

  4. Really it is pathatic that Hindus sufferred from neglect reppression crueality by invaders.

  5. i think, the name of the blog is little confusing and inappropriate .

    it should have been.

    hindu cowardliness.

    1. If somebody fight and killed number of persons then they will be so cruel and if somebody don't wanted to fight and want stop killed then some people called them coward.

    2. If somebody fight and killed number of persons then they will be so cruel and if somebody don't wanted to fight and want stop killed then some people called them coward.

  6. Really? If you take some time to go through the above given accounts of invasions and conversions, you will see that most of those who proudly say that they are the descendants of Afghan soldiers who came to conquer Bharat or Hindustan are really bastard children who fall in the lineage of raped women by the very same soldiers whom they say their ancestors are. And yes there were cowards. In fact many of them who converted to the Abrahamic religions fearing persecution. They were asked to chose from butcher of themselves and meat-eating life. The daring ones had their throats slain and the others had the tip of their penis cut! Some managed to stay away from the persecutors. If Hindus were mostly cowardly, Hindu Dharma wouldn't be here now. Hindus, at least many of us, now know where they went wrong. We know that to invite people and accepting them isn't the same as being persecuted by them. We are prepared to defend our interests in any way the other side chooses. They want peace? We will give peace. They want violence? We will inflict pain. That should be our way of thought.

  7. Its Time not to keep the history flaming in heart and work now to make our future strong and impressive! In this world we are almost connected with world and nw we can show everyone what we are. the only needed is scarifies and work to keep the work by our forefather again come to vision!

    1. A bright future cannot be built for the people who do not even recognise their history. Only when we will recognise, respect, acknowledge, learn from and vow not to repeat our history, shall we have a peaceful and glorious future. Until then it's just big talk! Our sense of pride and zeal to build future will come from anger instigated by disgust after knowing how we were slain for millennia! Only that will make way for future. So do not ignore what history has to say.

  8. Brilliant work done by all organizers of this forum. I truly appreciate your efforts and dedication in highlighting the truths.

    Ankur K.

  9. आपने इतिहास की गहन जानकारी तो दी, इसे यदि हिन्दी मे ऑर सुगठित ढंग से देते तो ओर प्रभावकारी होता । आपके प्रयास के लिये धन्यवाद ।

  10. As interesting as history is, we should never blame a religion or a country or a group of people for what other people claiming to be part of that group have done. The way some Hindus treated (and still do) 'Untouchables' is horrid, and some of the practices that went on in villages we would not consider at all ethical today...

    As for "The last slide has the full bibliography, so you cannot refute history" (what someone sent in a forward email I received with a link to this website), books are not always written by wise people - even crackpots and people with agendas can write them (consider for example Hitler, or Snooki!). History is never impartial, no matter what some people would like you to believe... it is just one side's account of something that happened, as perceived through their cultural lens. For example Christopher Columbus was hailed as the 'discoverer' of the 'Indies' - but there were people living there long before he came along and enslaved them. Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, is considered by many to be a great man but in his past he sent many men, women and children who were deaf to live in a little community in Virginia where they were not allowed to certain things like marry or breed. Forced sterilisation was commonplace in Martha's Vineyard. There is always more to history than we see and we should try to overcome blame, anger and feelings of 'righteousness' because you cannot claim to be a devout follower of a religion whose central tenets are to love everyone... if you make exceptions to that rule.

    Just as not every German is a Nazi, not every Muslim is a terrorist hell-bent upon destruction.
    Something to keep in mind...

    1. History and present state itself is saying.............nazis have overcome all weaknesses.............Hindus weakneses r overcoming day by muslims cant overcome all des problems bcoz dey beleive2 follow teachings of quran

    2. At present it is not tolerance or is the greediness swallowing the Hinduism.Because of the birth control,poverty the Christianity is growing like anything in all Indian states.Please don't be spoiling your thoughts in terrorism of Muslims.It is the money of Christians that will swallow Hinduism

    3. @Neera: As much as I admire your intention behind your comment, I disagree with the substance of it given the context of this blogpost. What you must remember, is that this anger is not against Muslims or Christians. Even the great Maratha Emperor Ch. Shivaji Maharaj spent every moment of his life in killing and destroying Muslim rulers, but when it came to his Muslim subjects, he treated them equally. He had strict orders not to hurt Muslims or their way of life. But he also had a uniform law for everyone regardless of their religious or social background. That's what India needs. Not mindless hypocritical pseudo secularism. Secularism which is inherent in the fabric of Hindu Dharma is different from the appeasement style of pseudo secularism that is being promoted right now.

      In any case, facts are facts. Most of the above history is taken directly form the history written by Mughals themselves who will always glorify true acts of their people which from their perspective are right. So when a Mughal historian takes pride in their rulers destroying temples and torturing Hindus, it is a fact! We cannot deny that.

      Finally if Muslims & Christians want to live peacefully and in harmony in India, they are welcome to. All we want is mutual respect (not religious tolerance!) and prohibition on all activities of trying to sabotage our way of life or convert people by deceit. If they are willing to acknowledge India first, they can be with us. But if they have issue with Vande Mataram or want other schemes to give them special treatment, sorry India is not a place for you. Go to where you can get these things.

      We want an India where Hindus will not be treated as second class citizens. India is the Hindu Israel, never forget! It's the only land of our own, our motherland, our holy it is imperative that our future generations have a good sense of fact based history of how their ancestors were persecuted ruthlessly. Only then will the national pride will be alive in their heart and soul. This will protect them from repeating the mistakes of past.

  11. अकेला हिंदू धर्म ही है, जिसके सभी देवी देवताओ के हाथ मे कोई ना कोई हत्यार होता है, किन्तु फिर भी हिन्दुओ की ये हालत है! लगता है की कमी कही ना कही हमारे अन्दर ही है, क्यों हम लोग रोने के स्थान पर हत्यार नहीं उठाते

  12. Hindus have suffered because of their own vulnerability and idiocy.Now it is time that should seriously introspect themselves.

    Hindus are corrupt to core, compromising,caste ridden,selfish cowards.8 Hindus can not sit in a a group and agree to something.Hindus are born cheats.They are totally self centred.Being cowards and selfish they negotiate with other communities like Muslims,Sikhs or christians so that they can throw some crums to them and in return live peacefully,loot and enjoy life.WE can call we are cowards and cunning hindus.HIndus are detsined for slavery beacsue of their traitor nature.Any one can rule them. Biggest example is a corrupt,half educated,italian woman.The shameless Hindus have no sense of dignity and pride.Reason is simple they wont get together.Every one pulling leg of other.Lalloo,Mulayam,Digvijay,Modi,Nitish Kumar and Mamata.Mamata has recently started giving doles to muslim imams which is not even there in Saudi Arabia,though she shouts at the top of her voice that her west bengal has a funds crunch and blame all and sundry.They are a bunch of self seeking crooks.Unless Hindus change their mentality and selfish attitude which is very difficult as it is being genetic hindus will be eliminated slowly. See how in paksitan Hindus are being killed and persecuted.They are running away.IN kashmir 50% hinuds have run away.But Hindu leaders like Mulayam and Mamata sing praises and go for Namaaz.why these corrupt hindus do this? for votes.,So they can fool muslims ,divide and rule and enjoy sleaze and luxury.Nothing can happen to Hindus .They deserve to be poor,kicked around and under therat.Out of all people a Hindu can be bought for even little amoutn of rs 500/-.

  13. Though I am a “Hindu” by birth, I always had pondered about the downtrodden condition of a so-called Hindu. Let me share my thoughts here.
    Who is a Hindu?
    • Is he just an idol worshipper?
    • Temple going guy?
    • The one who salutes and pay a guy who is respectable because he is born as Brahmin?
    First of all, let us understand ourselves .
    To do so, first of all we have to learn from history, sacred books of India and spirituality.
    The #1 enemy of these Hindus has been ALWAYS the caste based discriminations.
    And ALL the ones who exploited the masses for centuries in the name of caste supremacy are the real culprits.
    That way, Brahmins are the culprits responsible for all these deteriorations.
    They were the ones who should pay for it at first.
    All would have read the mighty assets of Shri Padmanabha Temple in Trivandrum.
    Majority of those treasures are of the sweat and blood of the downtrodden of Travancore.
    Once should not forget Swami Vivekananda flayed the caste system and its atrocities and called Kerala as “The Mad Asylum”. Brahmins were the ones who were advising the kings in India. That way they propagated the caste system and took advantage out of that.
    Even today, Brahmins are behind curtain in every field to take advantage.
    It was a fact that the Brahmin Civil Servants of 1960’s started learning Chinese!
    Any idea, for what? They wanted to ensure their undue advantages are continued even if China invades India!
    So, before blaming Muslims or Christians we have to unite against the Brahmin traitors.
    They suppressed the working class for centuries.
    K R Narayanan would have been an agricultural labourer if there were no Christian Missionary schools in Kerala.
    When right opportunity was given, a man from the least class became the President of India.
    It shows, Brahmin superiority is a byproduct of suppression and atrocities.
    Let equal opportunity and recognition be given to every “Hindu”. Let it continue at least for 3 or more generations. That will only make a suppressed majority to become aware, awaken and thus respectable.
    This is the reason B R Ambedkar fought for reservation.
    Reservation is termed as a sin by many Brahmin hooligans.
    May be the implementation of these reservation would have partially derailed. But the spirit of that should be upheld.
    Many backward communities in Bihar and UP do not know the importance of education.
    Let them get education first; then by 2-3 generations they will know the importance of education, freedom, equality etc.
    After realizing such a reality, let us blame a Muslim or Christian…
    Till then, all these propaganda would have only one answer: “Treat yourself Doctor!

    About Ghazni, Ghori and their invasions.
    What made him SO STRONG AND POWERFUL to loot Hindu worship places?
    Every Hindu should think about this.
    It evidently show Indians have become spiritually weaker!
    Why and how?
    Go and read Mausala Parva of Mahabharat.
    You can see a similar defeat of an Indian Hindu there.
    Arjuna had a pathetic defeat against a barbaric clan.
    After that defeat, Vyasa says something to Arjuna. All Hindus should know that:
    If this is true, Brahmins belittled us by forcing and advising to practice an obsolete system. It made us spiritually vulnerable even to barbaric clans!!!
    Shame on you Brahmin aka cheats!
    Awake, find out what is there to regain our glory.
    It will NEVER be with Brahmins or temples.
    Know it is not the priestly Hinduism we have to follow. But it is the Sanatana Dharma.
    Sanatana Dharma embraces great teachings of Spiritual Masters of that Time.
    Vyadha Gita was written by a butcher. It shows caste based discrimination was not there in the ancient India

  14. That way Buddhism was part of the glorious Sanatana Dharma 2500 years back.
    And with that Sanatana Dharma alone, Asoka brought Indonesia to Iran under his territory; that too without shedding a single drop of blood. Kalinga was his last war. Upholding of “Great Dharma of that Time” made him a glorious winner.
    Jesus came to India, learned many things from here; he established his own school of thought in his native land. And it still rules the world too!
    Let us learn to respect all great teachers.
    Kaliyuga shows us the inevitable need of a Guru.
    Jews do have Moses
    Buddhists have Buddha
    Christians have Christ…
    Muslims have Mohamed.
    Sikhs have 10 Gurus.
    And what about Hindu?
    He does not have a Guru… Or he was advised to insult or persecute whoever came for a change. Swami Dayananda Saraswati was poisoned by Brahmins, when he tried to change the system.
    Without a proper Fully Awakened Guru, Hindu gets screwed up from top and bottom.
    And if there are any known “Saints” today, they go and try to reestablish the old, rotten untimely Dharma of Deity Worships, Idol worships, casteism etc.
    All these are the root cause of our diminished morale.
    Find your right Guru and follow….
    He will not be an Idol worshipper
    He cannot be a Deity (Demigodsm Deva, Devi etc.) worshipper (Because in Kaliyuga the spiritual seat of a deity is much inferior and they cannot give you salvation.)
    He will not be a Caste promoter
    Find such a Guru and follow….
    Then everything will fall in its right place.
    Bharata is a great place of Rishis.
    Vishwamitra was powerful to create a parallel heaven
    Durvasa cursed the entire clan of Gods including their King Indra.
    Krishna told do not worship Indra or Gods, but worship Govardhan Hill instead.
    Krishna upheld the upcoming Dharma of Kaliyuga…
    But we were forced by Brahmins who manipulated Krishna as a mere avatar of demigod.
    It is recorded that Krishna was facing sanctions by the Brahmins of his time, because he is from a backward class!
    The same culprits make maximum money promoting the brand Krishna!!!
    It was their need for survival; make anyone a god and make money via rituals!
    They tried to make Buddha too as an avatar of Vishnu.
    Actually all these Spiritual Masters are from the Rishi lineage which is superior from the Trimurti System of Priestly Hinduism.
    That is why, in today’s world, the recent religions have supremacy over obsolete Hinduism.
    They have a spiritual advantage: Their system of belief, (however crude it is), it has formed in the Mighty Time of Kaliyuga.
    Brahmins propagate Kaliyuga is bad. Yes, Kaliyuga is just worst for ALL who practice obsolete Dharma of bygone age!
    Unless this is corrected, and Brahmins stop exploitation, the so-called Hindu’s will have only defeats!
    THINK …..
    There are no beggars in Punjab. That is the land of Great Gurus…
    US follow their Spiritual Master Christ. Despite all the pitfalls, nature favours them in the form of money and power!
    Same is the case with Muslims. They have an inferior cultural ground in their native origin. Still, they are blessed with abundance. Why nature is lenient to them?
    Buddhism shows its glory in Japan, Korea etc.
    Let Indians unite in the name of Sanatana Dharma, not based on the priestly religion.
    Then only the everlasting glory of India and Indians will become a reality.
    Wake up and Pray to God (yes; not to any deity!) to show the right path of Dharma.
    Let the Supreme bless you to find that Mighty Dharma of Future!
    If your worry is genuine, please try to correct these erred past with a broader view.
    I am sure Brahmins, with their inherited refinement, culture and awareness can lead this without malice.
    If your intentions are genuine, do that and lead this correction process!

    1. No pun intended but the guru you might be looking for Kaliyuga might be - Rajneesh (OSHO) His understanding and modernisation of Hindu values are unparalleled in today's century.

    2. Firstly, I was just like to say that this is a very comprehensive discussion on a very interesting viewpoint. I strongly agree with you that we need to get rid of caste system before our country can even move forward. I believe, and I'm sure you would agree that the most harmful impact of the Caste System is the shocking lack of unity in our countries. Everyone is either a Brahmin first, or a hindu first, or a sikh first or a Bengali first before being an Indian. Getting rid of this attitude is the only way to our redemption and we must do as much as possible to make a united concept thhe most basic idea in every Indian.

      The way you have gone about point fingers and blaming the brahmins is exactly what I mean by dividing ourselves. I agree that in the times of kings and rulers, their superiority complex has created most of this problem, but we are in the 21st Century and lets start acting like that. Using words like "Goons" and outright blaming every Brahmin on the face of the Earth will not solve the issue at hand. The currently alive brahmins had nothing to do with this caste system.

      Now coming to another point that you raised. RESERVATION. According to you its some BRAHMIN "GOONS" WHO SAY RESERVATION IS BAD ? I hope you are aware of this fact but voice against Reservation was raised by all General categories and not just brahmins as it affects the ALL. The reservations were placed by our Constitution makers to help Backward castes come up and this was a temporary adjustment for a few years to ensure that the backward castes catch up. But this reservation and quota system was extended and extended and even the ratios increased all for VOTEBANK politics.

      Now the reason they were placed for only a few years, was because, in 1947 ALL BACKWARD CASTES WERE ACTUALLY NOT EQUIPPED well enough.

      I totally support our fellow countrymen who cannot support themselves but I believe that in the current situation we are in, we need to define a new criteria. It has to be based on the income of the family. There are many SC/ST/OBC who are doing extremely well and many GEN who are extremely poor. It is these people we need to uplift and bridge the huge income gap between our rich and poor population.

      I hope you understand the point I am trying to make.

  15. This story is endless upto we awake.... every Hindu has to awake their inner strength. Otherwise in future we will be in minority.......

    1. Sorry dude, there will not be any minority. All hindus are eaither dead, women taken away as slaves(as written in quran, hindus don't qualify to pay tax/jigga and can live as 2ndoray citizen) hindus, have to die/or covered.
      check for latest happenings on facebook.

    2. We don't have guts to face them, this is reality. We want some to figt for us. If every one who posted a cooment on this start commeting on all Muslims, see the result every will be ready to kick their ass. Don't hesitate to point out saome one with his religion. Very soon no Muslim will dare to utter a word. Or else evry day there will be an idiot like owaisi or his brother talking against hindus

  16. 1. The first thing any one need to know is 'Taqiyya' (can/may/should lie to promote/save religion), that why you hear as religion of peace etc
    then should
    2. be 'TaqiyyaProof' else u are going to doomed in lies.
    3. check what stage ur in now
    4. know whats is true Sanathan Dhrama (aka britished named Hindsim)
    5. if all Indian's know that many are converted from Hindu after brutal tortures of their parents/forefather the will have to think why
    6. Never ever vote Congress and its like minded parties or its allies.

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  18. OMG...iam in 21st century...i cant imagine those hard days of our previous generations

    1. Even now it's same in some places. U should be ready for everything if u want to utter a single word against Muslims in srinagar and kerela

  19. Wonderful blog & good post.Its really helpful for me, awaiting for more new post. Keep Blogging!


  20. Awesome information Sir , but i feel like crying and pray for all the lost souls during such ill treatment to them just because they followed hindu religion . If at all india need to move ahead it need to give justice to all hindus .
    I saw a comment above stating "we should move ahead without thinking about the religion difference" i think that lady cannot see the pain a sense of injustice to the hindus .
    Hats of to you sir !!

  21. One question Hindus are divided by its deeply rooted caste system. How to unite hindus irrespective of caste ? I have seen and still seeing discrimination of ppl based on caste.., lower caste ppl are being converted silently to christianity...den y wont hindu population shrink ??

    1. Its quite absurd u r talking abt caste system......btw is varna system.....caste has nothing to do with hinduism....its a portugese word.....the thing abt caste that ur bull$hiting abt is cooked by the british and portuguese to convert the poor .....the thing that brahmins troubled shudras has been over exxagerated by the invader to defame hinduism so that ppl convert.......and btw today where is ur soo called caste system today the lower classes r getting more value !!!

    2. Hindus will be united only when ppl like u stop barking abt caste system and furthur more divide hinduism

    3. And yes read the vedas it clearly states all are children of god .....if u see the dashavatar of lord vishnu....where is caste system in that parshuram a brahmin becomes kshatriya.....buddha who was born in kshatriya family becomes a monk.....moreever valmilik who was a hunter and a bad person and did things worst than shudra went on write great epics......if u go in a office....will u say the watchmen in the office is not treated as the ceo the work for the same company but they have duties and they are respected whith what duties they doo....the son of watch man if he works hard can go on to become the next ceo....the same with our varna sysytem ......ppl like u who still beleive on fake caste system created by the invader are traitors

  22. Indian history should be brought out to all people around the world and our generations ahead should be made aware how India had always being envied upon by whole world esp the muslims and Europeans . they came to India as there were no jobs and wars all the time in their area . but there in India there was wealth , peace and best of everything !! we need to unite and increase our faith .


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  26. Excess of everything is bad. Our over tolerance, ahimsa,caste division led to our slavery to handful of invaders traders and even slave dynasty. The Sikhs who were sword arm of Hinduism were effectively neutralised during eighties - culminating in engineering BluecStar followed by genocide of 1984.Time has again come to be vigilant against terrorism and demographic changes.Also Hindu Intellecual must stop fringe elements like cow vigilante to fragment Hindu society

  27. Excess of everything is bad. Our over tolerance, ahimsa,caste division led to our slavery to handful of invaders traders and even slave dynasty. The Sikhs who were sword arm of Hinduism were effectively neutralised during eighties - culminating in engineering BluecStar followed by genocide of 1984.Time has again come to be vigilant against terrorism and demographic changes.Also Hindu Intellecual must stop fringe elements like cow vigilante to fragment Hindu society

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